A Year and a Day- Full Moon February

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The day after I got back from Panthea Con I had scheduled a Full Moon event at my home. Since the event was through Facebook and I wasn’t friends with many people in the group not many were invited. Life happened and made the few people who could come, not. I wasn’t offended or hurt, I just ended up doing ritual by myself.

The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that someone has to start the gatherings. That is why each month I intend to open my home to all of you who are my magical family.

My altar setup was small and simple. A white altar cloth, a bundle of sage, a bundle of sticks of Palo Santo, a candle, a bottle of rainwater gathered on Imbolc, a hag stone from Ireland, a pentacle, and two tea lights- one silver and one gold. I lit the fire pit and cleansed the area with sage. I cast the circle, called my quarters, and the Goddess. I blessed and consecrated the water and blessed the Palo Santo (redundant I know). I’ve put a picture of the altar in the pictures section of this blog.

As the moon rose over the hills and into the treeline over my ritual space I became even more aware of all the little nocturnal aminals scurrying nearby. A cool breeze blew that made me feel grateful for the heavy ritual robe I wore. The observance wasn’t exciting or extraordinary, it just felt right. Sometimes a simple acknowledgement is all you need.

If you’re struggling with reconnecting to your path or having any kind of path at all, know this: everyone starts somewhere.
I hope you do something with each moon. Just try it. Do something small at first and see if it changes your world a little. Try to look for the ways that the moon ebbs and flows in your days and nights.

Some ideas for your next observance:

Place your stones out to charge in a windowsill

Bask in the moonlight and draw down the moons energy

Howl at the rising moon and scare the $h!t out of your neighbours

Have your besties over for wine and a good cackle

Place your tarot cards or altar supplies where moonlight can charge them

Put your essential oils in the window for a few hours but remember to not leave them there!

I don’t care what you do, but do the thing that feeds your soul and nourishes the wild heart that beats in your chest. I hope to see you at the next full moon event.