A Year and a Day- Panthea Con: Day 3 and 4

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I’m combining my last two days of the Con in this post because I didn’t attend much. I had medical stuff to attend to on the last day of the Con so I only got to go to one thing.

“Con Crud” is a real thing for all Congoers to be aware of. It’s a common cold that gets tossed around like confetti that can sneak up on you if you are immune compromised in any way. I had been dosing myself with vitamin C for weeks in anticipation of just this phenomenon so I was lucky to not have it. So word to the wise, wash your hands frequently, cover your cough, take your vitamins, get plenty of sleep, and hydrate while at the Con and you might not get it.

2/17/2019 Sunday

9:00 AM How to Become a Witch (Wicca, Discussion)

In this discussion lead by Amber K and Azrael K, they both discussed the qualities that make a witch. It was not a “how to” workshop on spell casting, ritual workings, and such. It was a frank discussion about the heart, head and spirit of witchcraft. To put it simply, if you’ve ever wondered if you’re a witch or what are witches then these are your authors because they break it down for you. Amber K’s presentation examined the 3 paradigms of:

The Pentagram, The Charge of the Goddess, and the Witches Pyramid.

I attended this discussion with my husband so I could answer any of his questions. I’ve known that I’m a witch my whole life, so I wasn’t attending to learn anything. I have used Amber and Azrael’s book for years in the creation and maintenance of my last coven, so for me, it was an opportunity to meet the authors of my favorite books. Next time I need to remember to bring my books for signing! I sat in the front row and thought I concealed the ‘fangirl’ quite well. The powerpoint presentation was well structured and self-explanatory. The explanation of the witches Pyramid was different than my mentor’s teachings on the topic, and I felt that I understood it even better afterwards.

3:30 PM Kumihimo- Cord Braiding (General Pagan, Discussion)

Ruth Temple leads this discussion on cord braiding that felt more like a workshop. She gave a bit of information about the history of braiding while instructing us in the art of weaving seven pieces of cotton yarn into a single braid. For a fee, she sold the tool used to make it.

I took notes on gap braiding and tried to follow along but it was frustrating. Thank goodness for my best friend who took the workshop with me. I wouldn’t have figured it out without her help. I’m an audio/visual learner so if you don’t have handouts or anything I can follow, I’m just not going to get it. (note to self: when presenting engage all learning modalities)

7:00 PM Creatures of Myth and Magic: A Belly Dance Show (General Pagan, Performance)

Several dance studios and performers got together to put on quite a show. Faries wearing LED Isis wings did a bit of prop choreography, Mermaid mother and daughter paid homage to Yemaya, shapeshifting crows danced ITS improve style, a vampire danced a three-part piece, and a larger group dressed as wood nymphs danced ATS style through a very well choreographed piece about the recent fires.

Thank you to the dancers for all your hard work!

2/18/2019- Monday

The only thing I could attend on Monday was:

11:00 AM Stirring the Power: Celebrating the Imbolc Bridge (General Pagan, Ritual)

Sovereignty workshops- led by Eric and Katrina Rasbold

In this final ritual I attended, there were two altar tables set up in the middle of the room with various statuary and accoutrements for the ritual around the altar. After a bit of discussion about Imbolc and Ostara, and an explanation of what would happen, the ritual began. Members of the coven hosting the ritual called the quarters while Eric and Katrina called the God and Goddess. Each quarter placed bricks with qualities or attributes written on them on the edges of the altar. The wood that would balance on the bricks was blessed, as were the popsicle sticks and graphite pencils we would use to create our bridge. While soft music played each in attendance would write on the popsicle sticks what they wanted for the coming year and place them upon the bridge. Energies were worked to clear the path of our desires by Katrina. The God and Goddess were thanked and released as were the quarters. The popsicle sticks will be burned thus releasing their intentions and desires to the powers that be later after the Rasbolds return home.

Attending this ritual had me reflecting on my start with Wicca. Symbolic magic was my introduction to Wicca back in the ’90s. I’ve come a long way since then, and now my magic is almost entirely thought form based. I enjoyed returning to my roots and working in this way. The tactile nature of creating your bridge plank with your desire is very much like need fire techniques and methods.

I would have prefered to attend the closing ritual but we would have been driving home in bay area rush hour traffic and not getting home until very late. We had already had a very early start to the day so we chose to pack up the car and leave sooner.

This sums up my review of Panthea Con 2019. I would gladly return each year if I could. I think in future years I will look into Air B&B, and into carpooling with friends. Thank you to my followers and readers. I hope to see you at PCon!