A Year and a Day- Panthea Con: Day 2

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2/16/19 Saturday

Day 2 of Panthea Con kicked off early. I missed attending the 9 AM Morning Yoga Practice for Brigid (workshop) by mere minutes. I instead did my own practice of flow yoga that centred around sun salutations and warrior poses. It probably wasn’t far off from what was actually done. When attending a workshop with limited access once started, it’s important to get there early!

11:00AM Gods, DemiGods and Spirit Animals of the Hawaiian Islands (Workshop)

In this workshop presented by Kapinao’okehaulani Gabriel, there were myths and legends of the Hawaiian people, beautiful hula dances, stories, and chants.

I attended this workshop to be exposed to something different. I was not completely ignorant of the Hawaiian pantheon, but I was unaware of some of the details that are left out of reference books. I appreciated that the presenters took the time to teach us proper pronunciation of names, to explain details such as gestures in dance, and why the foliage and costumes are specific to certain deities.

1:30 PM Bind Runes for Magical and Practical Purposes (Asatru/Heathen, Workshop)

This practical workshop was taught by Anastasia Haysler. In this workshop, she discussed how runes can be used to combine magical properties for various magical purposes. Guiding the attendants with examples she discussed the creation of bind runes, how they are made, charged, used, and disposed of. The end product of the workshop was a powerful talisman of your name, or for a specific purpose you had in mind.

3:30 PM Unify for the Love of Earth- May Peace Be Here Now (General Pagan, Ritual)

This was a recorded ritual performed by Orion Foxwood, Starhawk, Wisdom Council of the Starlit Well, Patrick McCollum. The description in the program reads: “A Co-creative call to action, helping us all to UNIFY for the love of the earth. Facilitators will incorporate sound healing, including the world peace violin, storytelling, and guided meditation/inner journey as a means to bring inner and outer peace. May Peace be here now. Let it be so!”

Having worked with Patrick McCollum in the past, and being a fan of the writing of Starhawk I had a bit of a clue as to what to expect. The ritual combined elements of several pagan practices with sound healing, chants, breath work, guided meditation, raising a cone of energy, singing, and dancing. All this was done with the focus on unity and healing the self and the earth. The call to action was an acknowledgement that the native peoples of this land need our help now more than ever.

7:00 PM Hitting the Hospitality Rooms!

If you’re at Panthea Con and there isn’t anything on the schedule that you want to attend or maybe you just want to have a relaxing dinner and maybe catch one more thing, you can go up to the hospitality rooms on the 2nd floor OR attend some parties on the 9th floor- bring your own drinks. Sometimes there are workshops, book giveaways, lectures, rituals, and just plain “getting to know you” time. If you attend a hospitality suite and they offer you refreshments or food it is a good idea to contribute some money toward that suite.

I ended up in the ADF Druid Hospitality suites for a Triskellion Ritual. I enjoyed the labyrinth they created on the balcony space. I felt like I had met them before somewhere else.

This wraps up my second day of Panthea Con. Thank you to my readers and followers for stickin’ with me. For a look at my last two days at Panthea Con please see the other posts.