A Year and a Day- Panthea Con: Day 1

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A part of my year and a day intentions are to attend as many Pagan events as I can. Since this is the first time in many decades that I’m free from school and work obligations I decided that the perfect way to celebrate the kickoff of reconnecting to my path would be to go to Pantheacon.

If you don’t know what Panthea Con is please continue reading, but if you do please skip this paragraph to get to where I review what I attended- if you’re interested. Panthea Con is the largest annual Pagan conference held in San Jose, CA over the Presidents Day weekend, spanning 4 days. The conference has guest lecturers, presenters, performers, workshops, rituals, hospitality suites, authors, vendors, and so much more. Panthea Con is a wonderful opportunity to expand your awareness of different traditions, experiment with new magical techniques, attend different types of rituals, purchase ritual and altar items, and meet the authors of many of your favorite books. The program for each day starts at 9 AM and goes until 11 PM most days with breaks for meals. If you decided that you want to attend next year’s conference, please be warned that your planning has to start NOW! The hotels fill up quickly, and pre-registration for next year has already begun. This is not a cheap conference so please plan accordingly. My advice on how to save some money is to bring/make your own food, bring a large water bottle to fill up several times a day, and consider not just the venue where it’s held but the surrounding area within walking distance (sometimes it’s a better deal). My tips on how to make the Con more enjoyable are to become a ribbon hunter, visit the hospitality suites, and attend some of the parties on the 9th floor. You’re probably wondering what I mean by Ribbon hunter, you’ll see people with ribbons hanging on their badge and by the end of the Con, some people’s collection will stretch to the ground. Look in the images to see what a ribbon might look like! Sometimes vendors have ribbons, sometimes staff has ribbons, sometimes it’s the presenter, workshop, or hospitality suite you’ve just visited. I’ve even seen bloggers handing them out to fans who find them at the Con (food for thought for future cons). Sometimes you have to fulfil a “quest” to get one or something simple like cackling like an evil witch. Now it’s important that I tell you that I’m not affiliated with Panthea Con at all and I don’t profit from telling you anything about this. If you’d like to know more please visit the website for more information http://pantheacon.com

I’m going to give a description of each thing I attended with a brief reflection. I plan to break this up by day so that you’re not reading a long blog post. Feel free to skim this, keep what you want and discard the rest. I know that not everyone is into the same stuff that I’m into, and not everyone would feel or think the way that I do about attending. What I hope you get from this post is that Pathea Con can be a fun, educational, entertaining, and soul-feeding convention.

2/15/19 Friday- Opening Day

11:30 AM Opening Ritual (General Pagan, Ritual)

Panthea Con always has an opening ritual. This year’s opening ritual was performed by Glen Turner and Friends. The ritual acknowledged the local indigenous people and was performed with the help by attendants from the farthest four corners- Australia, England, Canada, and Hawaii to call the quarters. Other attendants assisted in the calling of the ancestors, fairies, first peoples, and future generations to all bring protection, blessings, and joy and create a sacred space for all of us to gather.

We were taught the Song/ Chant: Earth my body, Fire my spirit, Air my breath, and Water my blood in another indigenous language but don’t ask me to remember/ repeat it because I’ve slept since. It was a perfect ritual that embraced all paths and gave respect where it was due.

1:30 PM Fire in the Hands: A pagan Approach to Energy Healing (Panel)

This panel discussion was taught by the author Tiffany Lazic. Her panel looked at all types of healing paths: Reiki, Polarity, Pranic, Shau Mai, just to name a few and even general therapy as having unique methods and techniques. She expands upon the general practice of your prefered type of healing art with the proposed concept of how your healing art is reflected in the wheel of the year. In this panel, she introduced the activating symbols and discussed the elemental alignments that coincide with certain times of the year. If you want to know more about this topic please check out the 8 Hynni (honey) in her book titled The Great Work. More information can be found here: http://www.hiveandgrove.com

It was an interesting panel discussion. There were many people in attendance from many paths of healing. The presentation was rather slow to start but once Lazic got going on the topic and presented her material, it was fairly good. There weren’t enough of the Hynni cards printed for everyone, and many had to photograph the cards on their phones and take notes to obtain the material covered. The wheel of the year she had placed on the ground wasn’t visible nor referenced until the end. Prior to this, I had never considered the wheel of the year as a healing tool in my energy healing practice. In hindsight, I think that this has the potential to be a very good advanced energy healing technique with everyday application.

3:30 PM Your Magical Journal (Workshop)

This delightful workshop was lead by Thorn Mooney. We all have a book in our minds that we want to have, write, or wish we could pass on. This workshop looked at all the reasons why you’re not making, writing, that book. In this workshop, we discussed our purpose for creating our magickal book, identifying issues, and sharing tips and tricks to help with planning, and the various reasons we all have that prevent us from creating what we desire. If you want to know more please check out: https://thornthewitch.wordpress.com/

For me, this was a very inspiring workshop because it confirmed for me that I’m on the right track with writing my own book. I no longer feel bad about the books that I’ve started and stopped. I felt invigorated to start again and carry a “commonplace” book to capture what inspires me. Some of the tips and tricks shamelessly steal from the bullet journaling community but I enjoyed thinking of those tips and tricks as not only applicable there.

9:00 PM Concert with RJ Stewart and Friends

RJ Stewart is described in the program as a Scottish musician, songwriter, and composer. It had already been a long day for me and I only lasted through half of the performance. I wish I had the spoons to stay the whole performance. I enjoyed his bardic style of storytelling and performing. I appreciated how he wove bits of history, culture, and humour around his set list of music for the evening.

This wrapped up my first day of the Con. Please see the other posts for more about what I attended. Thank you to my readers for following me.