A Year and Day-Imbolc


Merry Meet and welcome to the journaling of my Year and Day.

I thought I might begin tonight’s entry with a brief introduction. I’m Reverand Fox Feather, but usually, I just go by Foxfeather. I’m the former High Priestess and Chancellor of Temple of St. Brigid’s Moon, and St. Brigid’s Academy and Seminary. Along with the help of my former High Preist and its members, together we ran one of the most successful and long-standing covens in the central valley (16 years). We were an eclectic/Celtic tradition coven with the patron Goddess Brigid and God the Green Man.

The coven’s few big successes over the years were creating one of the largest local New Age lending libraries, offering Wiccan services at Chowchilla Correctional Women’s Facility, sponsoring Pagan Pride festivals, and teaching about Wicca through CSUF Anthropology Paganism Seminars. That coven is long since disbanded and the seminary school is operated by someone else. I learned so very much during those years. My faith was unshakable and I lived completely out of the broom closet. During the last few years of the Coven’s existence, I took a step back from being the HPS and chose to share the title/role with other members who had initiated to the third degree. I woke up one day realizing that I didn’t know how to teach what had come to me so naturally, that I didn’t really know what I was doing even 16 years into being an HPS. I handed off the role of teaching to another priestess and somewhere along the way I lost myself and the deep connection to my path. I moved away and have been occasionally practising alone for five years. All of my altar stuff, ritual accoutrements, and books went into moving boxes and that’s where it has been until a few months ago. I don’t know why this year is different but it is. I’m tired of not being connected in my community. I’m done with the lack of magick in my life. A coven would be nice but I’m thinking that the answer is to become a student once again and retrace my steps back toward the Goddess.

I hope that my words help those of you who have felt the same. I hope that we can help each other reclaim that wonder and spark of magick in our lives. Maybe by returning to our roots, we can better grow and change with the turning of the wheel of the year.

My Imbolc observance is simple this year. I’m making Rosemary Bannock, weaving a Brigid’s Cross, placing potted daffodils on my altar, and placing a scarf outside for ‘Bratog Bride’.

May the Goddess bless my path on this journey.

Blessed Be,


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  1. I’m so happy for you and your path leading you back to this portion of your journey. You are amazing ❤️ and hopefully your year and a day will help inspire me to walk my own path strong again.


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