Super Blood Wolf Moon

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In ancient and medieval astrology Eclipses were not positive – they were considered malefic forces that activates the NN/SN. In most cultures, eclipses were not celebrated as positive events, and being in the light of an eclipsed moon was thought to be particularly unhealthy.

In astrological high magick, charging anything with Eclipse energy is for banishing (and similar things like cord cutting, etcetera) AND done if you are 100% certain you can protect yourself. All things created with Eclipse energy possess a lunar energy to which many are unaccustomed or unfamiliar.

While each person will view this information through varied degrees of understanding, each will also decide how comfortable and aligned they are with their undertakings.

My views and warnings are from an historical astrological perspective, not  of a new age one. As such, I’ve decided to skip charging my lunar items this month. I will charge items under the eclipse but for cloaking (invisibility) or protection (by draining a hex) purposes. I do think Eclipse energy could be used for nefarious workings as well, but currently, in this I have no interests.

As always, in closing I leave you with this; INTENT. My intent is to provide ideas and open minds to their discussion, from which we all may learn. With certain ventures, however, I must advise caution. I put to you that I have no desire to harm anyone. Any discussions from this posting are to be academic only. I seek no practical application, neither do I have desire for knowledge of such. Please keep your comments civil.