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It is recommended…that you should not spend too much time consciously creating a sigil. This is because…it will be much more difficult to forget the sigil’s outline and contents or to push it out of the consciousness, which is so essential for its proper working.

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042518_1821_forgetit1.jpgSigil magic is one of the most efficient and economical of magical disciplines. This widely accepted form of chaos magick can be performed without complicated rituals or paraphernalia, is independent of philosophical and dogmatic premises, and can be learned easily and quickly. Most important, it will give even beginning magicians the chance to work with the power of the Will and enhance their own abilities.

There is no single, definitive method for designing a sigil. Some use more traditional versions, but any method that allows you to condense an intention into a single symbol will work. The important part is that you feel that the symbol has power when you are finished. To this end, the choice of method largely depends on your personal style (or as in my case, lack of) and how much effort you need to expend to achieve it.

Once you have designed your sigil, your thoughts turn on how best to cast it.  People are divided upon how exactly you should do this. For many, you’re looking for an intense transcendental experience where you can focus on this image and force it through your mind into the magical dream world while you are fully conscious. Pain, meditation, orgasm, psychedelic-transcendental drugs or all of the above combined are popular methods. Whichever you’re best at. Combine the intense experience with a good solid look at the sigil. Then close your eyes and think of it. Project it into your mind’s eye and out into the cosmos. Then destroy the paper it is drawn on.

One simple way, which is often used, is a candle. Burn it and then let the flame burn (but not harm) your fingertips. At that precise moment close your eyes and picture it in your mind. There we are, it’s cast. The pain should have done enough to distract you and send it on its way.

Umm. What now?

Well, think – did you forget something?

Take Everything You Know About Sigils and Add One Step: forget it

Below are the operations of Sigil Work (a common form of Chaos Magic):

  1. The sentence of desire must be formulated and written down in capital letters. Why capitals? They provide more structure for your sigil shape with more straight lines than lowercase letters
  2. Repeated letters are deleted so that every letter will be used but once. Why delete? It simplifies the final sigil shape by keeping the amount lines/shapes to a minimum.
  3. All letters of the whole sentence are combined into one general sigil OR several parts of the sentence are sigilized into several single sigils then combined into one general sigil. Why? To make the actual sigil
  4. The sigil is internalized/activated. Internalizing should be done by staring at your sigil in a sort of trance, either during a state of euphoria, ecstasy, fatigue, or a simple meditative state. It is taught that just internalizing your sigil will activate it, but you can activate/charge it by really any means possible. Why? This is what plants your sigil into your unconscious
  5. The sigil is banished and forgotten. This can be done by immediately distracting yourself upon removing the sigil from your sight. Why? so that it can obey its encoded direction in the unconscious mind without hindrance from the concision mind

Step 5 is not necessary if you decide against it, but it is very rarely found in “Tumblr Sigil Craft”. And Step 4 is almost never enforced. This post is to provide you with that lost piece of information to allow you to choose your own direction when practicing sigil magic. If this final step resonates with you, please practice it! It’s an incredible tool that will help you gain results with your sigils when done effectively. But if you feel that your particular sigil will work best when kept clear in the conscious mind, go right ahead with it. As much as the final step is stressed in “traditional” Chaos Magic, it is also important to remember that the authors of sigil craft literature encourage your own adaptations of your witchcraft as well.
Some quotes by Frater UD include:
1. “Dare to experiment, make changes where you feel they may be necessary, and always aspire to develop your own techniques and methods.”
2. “place your trust in your feelings (i.e., your intuition) rather than in rules which other magician’s have set up according to their own subjective biases”
3. “In Spare’s system there are no ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ sigils; neither is there a list of ready-made symbols. It is of no import whether the sigil is a ‘correct’ one or not, but it is crucial that is has been created by the magician and is therefore meaningful to [them].”

Additional Tips For Sigil Craft you may not have heard before

  • ”Formulating the sentence of desire and drawing the sigil should be done with the utmost concentration. It makes the following activation (“charging”) much easier.”
  • “You should keep your operation secret. For discussing it…may dissolve the sigil’s power.”
  • “negative formulas are usually not properly comprehended by the unconscious” Avoid words like “not” or “never” in your sentence of desire
  • “Sigil magic is primarily success magic. It aims at achieving very tangible and verifiable results. Accordingly, sentences of will should be concrete and specific.”
  • Specify a time limit for your sigil within your sentence of desire (a day, a month, a year, a car-ride)
  • “it is advisable…for you to place a border round the sigil, either in the form of a triangle, circle, square, or something similar. This…makes it easier to concentrate on the sigil when charging it. [And] it gives the sigil a ‘definitive’ and ‘conclusive’ touch, for if you work a lot with sigils, occasionally you may find the sigils becoming ‘entangled’ in your unconscious to form undesirable chains and combinations.”
  • Decorate/stylize your sigil to add a “magic touch”
  • Sigils can also be constructed through a pictorial method by sketching your desires, simplifying them to shapes and lines, and stylizing (decorating) it as you would with the word method

The Concept Behind Sigils and Their Success is that because of their unrefined image, they will appear to our unconscious and remain there. “Everything which reminds us of the times of amateurish handicraft will awaken primordial impulses in our reptilian brain. This will virtually automatically liberate the magical power in this section of the brain or awaken it in the first place.” Also “Mandala structures will awaken and activate archetypal material in the unconscious.” Which is another reason why it is advisable to put a border around your sigil. Creating and activating a sigil to manifest your desires is putting all your faith into your unconscious.

Notes On Following Through With Step 5 of the Sigil Process

  • “There are three parts to the operation of a sigil. The sigil is constructed, the sigil is lost to the mind, the sigil is charged.” (Peter J. Carroll)
  • You can also banish a sigil by keeping it in one spot and getting used to it until you no longer perceive it consciously
  • ”Don’t use them lazily or heedlessly. This could definitely be dangerous! At the beginning you will need perhaps a quarter of an hour or so for your first individual sigil, but by your fifth or sixth sigil it will take you only a couple of minutes. This effort will certainly prove to be worthwhile if you consider the probably success. … With some experience, you will have finished the whole operation, including activation and subsequent banishing, within less than five to ten minutes. There is no faster way- even in magic!”
  • “It is of prime importance not to bring back the meaning and aim of the sigil into consciousness at any time.”
  • “It is recommended…that you should not spend too much time consciously creating a sigil. This is because…it will be much more difficult to forget the sigil’s outline and contents or to push it out of the consciousness, which is so essential for its proper working.”
  • “If sigils or sentences of desire unexpectedly pop up into consciousness, recharge and banish them again. Most of the time, it’s enough to simply distract your attention”
  • “A record should be kept of all work with sigils but not in such a way as to cause conscious deliberation over the sigilized desire.” So like a running list of dates on which you created/activated a sigil without specifics of the process or desire itself

What is Chaos Magic? A system of magic that focuses on personal symbolism rather than a traditional system.

(The content of this post includes paraphrased information from miscellaneous sources along with direct quotes from Practical Sigil Magic by Frater UD aka Ralph Tegtmeier, which discusses the workings of Austin Osman Spar. Take Everything You Know About Sigils and Add One Step: forget it source: in-her-broomcloset )

As always, in closing I leave you with this; INTENT. My intention is to provide ideas and open minds to their discussion, from which we all may learn. With certain ventures, however, I must advise caution. I put to you that I have no desire to harm anyone. Any discussions from this posting are to be academic only. I seek no practical application, neither do I have desire for knowledge of such. Please keep your comments civil.