Day by Day Pagan Style 2018

They spent their times performing sacred dances, wearing saffron robes, running races and making sacrifices.

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by Thora Dorn

April 26 2018 Pagan Style

In Greece, today is Mounichia, in honour of Artemis and Iphigenia. Cakes adorn31369491_10155578514527406_7453565981546250240_n.jpged with burning candles were offered to the Goddess. Every fourth year, young girls approaching marriageable age formed groups consecrated to Artemis, called arktoi (she-bears). They spent their times performing sacred dances, wearing saffron robes, running races and making sacrifices.

Today is the Theravada New Year, a Buddhist festival celebrated followers of Theravada. Celebrated for three days from the first full moon day in April. During the festival at the monasteries and churches are built sand hills, symbolizing Mount Meru – the center of the universe and the abode of the deities in the Buddhist cosmology. On Buddha statues wearing robes, which are then distributed to the monks. In Burma and Laos, there is a custom to buy live fish and release it into the wild, thus showing compassion for living beings. In Thailand, they pour water on each other and sprinkle Buddha statues.

In Sierra Leone, pagans conduct a seed-sowing ceremony to honour the Goddess of Fertility, who watches over the crops.

Today is sacred to Yemaya-Goddess of the sea and dreaming. Burn an incense which encourages psychic experiences on your altar. Invoke Yemaya and ask for psychic dreams.

From today until May 3rd, the Mayans held a Rain Festival, honouring their Rain God Chac and His attendant Chacmool, and welcoming the fructifying rains.

In 1631, Pere Dominic Gordel, a priest, was tortured to death to obtain a confession of witchcraft. He did not confess.

In 1660, the Widow Robinson of Kidderminster and her two daughters were arrested for trying to prevent the return of Charles II by means of magic.

In 1693, Lars Nilsson from Norrland, a shaman, was burned at the stake for following the old Sami religion in Arjeplog, Sweden. At this time, Sweden was trying to Christianize the Sami. He had been seen drumming and singing in front of wooden representations of his Gods for his grandson, who had recently drowned. When Christians tried to stop him, he attacked them with a knife. He was arrested, his idols confiscated and destroyed. He told them he had asked the Christian god for help, but the old gods had given him more help than the priests ever had. Poor Lars was convicted, decapitated and his body burned. May you feast with Thor, Lars!

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