automobile curse

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I’ve discovered a cute little poem while reading the other night and I think you may like it.

I curse your wheels! I curse your car
With dings and dents and scratches that mar.
That pretty paint job that you love,
I curse it around, between, below, above.
With tires that will not hold their air,
With thin upholstery that will tear,
With gauges that don’t measure right,
Or tell you if your fuel is light,
Or tell you if your speed is high.
And oil that leaks ’til you could cry,
With gaskets that won’t hold a seal,
With wiper blades that bend and peel,
With a defrost button that won’t defog.
A horn that sounds just like a frog,
Heat and air that never works.
And if that’s not enough, you jerk:
I curse you with a trade-in deal
So bad you’ll think that it’s not real,
And you’ll be stuck right where you are
Alone with her—that lovely car!