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What to do when it’s done


You’ve brainstormed, researched, planned, scrapped, rehashed, and FINALLY decide: you are using a poppet to deliver your curse. You’ve activated your creation, applied the curse, and the poppet is busily doing its thing and carrying out your wishes. Life is good and you couldn’t be happier. There’s only one little glitch: Have you ever considered what to do once the curse is done?

Fact of the matter is that you just can’t leave the poppet on your alter. You are going to have to do something with it. Do you put it away somewhere? Find it new living quarters? If not, there’s eventually going to be a space problem.

But even if that weren’t the case, you wouldn’t want the poppet just hanging around, infusing your space with its energy. It is imperative that the energy be sealed away from you. This means that you’re going to have to dispose of the poppet.

There are several ways you can do this, and for your convenience, the most common methods are listed below. Since all work equally well, just choose the one with which you are most comfortable.



 As you may have guessed, this method involves burying the poppet and is a very simple process. It’s only a matter of digging a hole, tossing in the doll, adding a little graveyard dirt and covering it up. Because the doll isn’t biodegradable though, many people aren’t willing to use this option.

There is, however, a more environmentally-conscious solution. Just place the doll in a small container, sprinkle it well with graveyard dirt, and seal the container by covering it completely with duct tape. You can then either put it in your freezer or take it to the dumpster with your trash.





 While the original method was as easy as tossing the poppet into a body of running water—or maybe, even the sewer—there’s a more environmentally-friendly approach to accomplish the task. Just place the doll in a quart container, cover with War Water, and seal well with duct tape. Then toss it in your freezer and forget about it.

Don’t want the poppet living in your freezer? There is an alternative method, provided you have the time and space to utilize it. Use Swamp Water. This will eat away at the poppet. Place the doll in a bucket filled with the substance (be sure to fill the body cavities with the liquid to prevent floating), cover the top, and leave it outside until the whole mess dissolves. Know, though, that you may have to add more Swamp Water before the process is completed.



This method of disposal is definitely easy, but as it requires a trip to an isolated area, it may take some advanced planning. Once you get to the place of your choice, all you have to do is leave the doll there, exposed to the Elements, and walk away. It’s important, however, that you don’t look back.



 This is, by far, the easiest and least time-consuming method of all. Just build a fire in your cauldron—either with wood or charcoal briquettes—and toss the doll on the pyre. Tend the fire until the poppet is past the melting point and is nothing but ash, then bury the ashes when cool.

As a preventative measure though, you’ll want to clean your cauldron thoroughly after using it in this fashion. Scrub it with steel wool and a salt slurry, then rinse well with hot water. Dry and lightly oil your cauldron.


As always, in closing I leave you with this; INTENT. My intention is to provide ideas and open minds to their discussion, from which we all may learn. With certain ventures, however, I must advise caution. I put to you that I have no desire to harm anyone. Any discussions from this posting are to be academic only. I seek no practical application, neither do I have desire for knowledge of such. Please keep your comments civil.