sphere of darkness

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Circle of Shadows

The Sphere of Darkness is something you should learn before attempting any black magick spells. Your skill in black magick will increase the more familiar you become with your Sphere of Darkness.

 Imagine the energies of Shadows flowing around you, visualize the shadowy entities clawing and scratching at you. If you are using an athame, direct the flow with the blade in your off hand.

 As the Shadows circle around you feel the pressure build and their energy compressing together. Notice the cold of the Abyss all around you, but don’t let its chill affect your concentration.

 As the Shadows close in, move the athame into your dominate hand and guide them back into an 8-foot sphere around you, blocking out all light. This is your Sphere of Darkness.

You may then cast whatever spells you would like or close the Sphere by cutting it with your athame in the dominate hand. For more experienced users, you may draw the energies into yourself or you can direct them back to the depths. With practice, the Sphere of Darkness can also be used as a form of protection.

As always, in closing I leave you with this; INTENT. My intention is to provide ideas and open minds to their discussion, from which we all may learn. With certain ventures, however, I must advise caution. I put to you that I have no desire to harm anyone. Any discussions from this posting are to be academic only. I seek no practical application, neither do I have desire for knowledge of such. Please keep your comments civil.