neutral magick

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Wikipedia defines
grey magick (magic) as magick that is not performed for specifically beneficial reasons, but is also not focused towards completely hostile practices. It is seen as falling in a continuum between white and black magick. It is also called neutral magick.

Gray magic – Wikipedia

They also describe a grey witch, or neutral witch, as a practitioner of magic that does not harm nor benefit others. Grey magick witches mostly work magick that benefits and harms at the same time, which creates a neutral or balanced effect.

Gray witch – Wikipedia

In his book Modern Magick
Donald Michael Kraig describes three general types of magick and equates them to the concepts of white (spiritual), black (negative), and grey (practical). He deduces that if you follow the system in the book, you’ll learn these are only descriptions of the results of the magick, and that the techniques for the three are the same or similar.

Grey magick is sometimes referred to as ‘middle’ or ‘middle path’ magick. For many practitioners, it is thought to be the use of negative energy for good purpose. For instance, when using a love or money spell to help another in dire need, the magick is performed with good intentions in the hope for good results.

We see that neutral magick is the use of both black and white magick. A practitioner of the Craft uses the black and white concepts of magick to achieve desired results. Grey witches use this neutral aspect of magick, as they personally believe that this balances the natural order of things.

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